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have posted and explanations. so i will talk to you very thatly about the nsa, and is something i have been very involved with, trying to rein in the out-of-control nature of what is going on right now with our surveillance programs, and that is something that i have spent, as you have probably seen from the news, a lot of time doing over the past couple of months. doing himsa has been as has been declassified now, is collecting the phone records of every single person in the united states, regardless of whether you are under suspicion of anything, so, in other words, the nsa has a database, and they actually collect every time you call someone. they collect the call that was made. they tell you which numbers were connected, the duration of the call, and they keep other sorts onwhat they call metadata your calls. they have been doing this for quite some time, but it was thently disclosed, and problem, of course, is they are doing it without any suspicion. it does not matter if you have a connection to a terrorist or not. they decided that they have the authority to gather up everyone's
we're talking about it right now is because there are very strict compliance standards at the nsa that much for for compliance issues, that tabulate them, document them, and put in place measures that will correct them when they occur. >> where is their tabulation of the domestic scene -- surveillance? but this is specifically at the -- >> this is a program that is specifically as it relates to foreign intelligence and foreign surveillance for our national security purposes. i think the wall street journal in respect was pretty risk -- it pretty specific about the aims of that program and how some of those goals were achieved. at the same time, when this president took office, he acknowledged in a news conference with all of you that he had inherent skepticism about these programs. about whether they did properly strike a balance between protecting our national security and protecting our privacy rights that all americans enjoy. as a result of that skepticism, he ordered a review of these programs, and as a result of that review, some steps were taken to put in place stricter comp
. it is are referred to as the nsa program. basically what it did was it confidence in the program we put in place. theve not been involved in classified substance and let they stop this. they put in place enhanced interrogation program, waterboarding. some people said that was torture. i do not believe it was torture. the fact was that the enhanced interrogation program signed off i the justice department using techniques we used on their own will. it was not tortured on matter what anybody said. it was a, legitimate program. [applause] >> all of that conversation with vice president dick cheney along with his daughter liz cheney tonight on c-span at 7:30 p.m. eastern. at the museum -- , wend are original series looked at the public and private lives of the women who served as first lady during the nation's first 112 years. as you move into the modern era, we will feature the first ladies in their own words. >> building human rights would onone of the foundations which we would build in a world an atmosphere in which peace could grow. i do not think the white house can ever completely belong to o
, the resolutions and the debt ceiling and the snooping by the nsa, this is something that has to be done by the end of the year so that a revised and constitutional voting rights act is in place before the 2014 election season both primaries and general elections start to run. we have job number one that is before us. i know we are all here for job number one. it is not going to be easy but when we are all together, we shall overcome. thank you. [applause] >> thank you. our next speaker really does not need an introduction. i would like to say special remarks about our distinguished chairman, reince priebus. in march, we released the growth and opportunity project and it is a 100 page document. under his leadership, we will be engaging minority communities for the first time, we will be going to communities and being there three years before any election. reince priebus believes that every vote counts and i am so honored and so blessed to have the opportunity to work under him. please welcome reince priebus. >> thank you to you all and to crystal and what a great job she has done. jim sensenbrenner
asked about the nsa data collection program. he also got a question about same-sex marriage. here is a look. about allso worried the gay rights stuff, like i am thinking like this could be another races and a, where it is like the same thing, but gays and non-gays am a big fight and who really cares? -- does itlly matter really matter? >> that is a great point. do not believe the government should be involved in deciding who can get married. i think that is not an appropriate role for the federal government. foran appropriate role government. marriage is a private institution. i am an orthodox christian. my wife and i do not need government telling us that we can get married. nobody else needs the government telling them that they can get married. this is up to them. i agree with you. of awas a brief part recent town hall meeting. we will show you the entire event tonight starting at 5:45 earlier today, we should do an event with texas senator ted cruz and a couple of items on the agenda for republicans in the near future. he also made news of his own today related to his birth re
just want to touch on one other topic. the nsa data collection. this is nothing short of laying the basis for totalitarianism in the united states. and those congressmen that voted to let the nsa spy on you, we had a perfect opportunity to stop that data collection, and we missed it by a very narrow 205-217. i would urge you to look up how each of your members voted on that bill because to me that is the central dividing line between this get along establishment republicans and those genuinely concerned about our individual freedoms. i sharply dissent from governor christie when he said the libertarian streak in both parties is a danger. the hell it is. you don't need to wiretap. we are all against crime. if there were no search warrant required for searching, we could monitor every single phone call and listen in, there would be no more crime. we could stop it completely. there is no crime in a fascist state. but we are not willing to pay and this is a price we should not be willing to pay. and while on the one hand, they are invading our civil liberties by this incredibly intr
and we work on a number of privacy issues. cell phone tracking, n.s.a. surveillance, we should have a right to communicate and send e-mails without worrying the government is keeping copies or copies of who we are talking to. we think that it is important to put in place privacy protections on drones and it is important to act on other technologies. i think that in this technological age there are ways we will lose our privacy. there are other ways in which we don't have to sit back, the technology is not in control, we are in control. for example, we have surveillance cameras all over the country, but almost none of them have microphones and that is not because they are difficult or expensive. it is because our wire tapping laws make it problematic to put microphones on cameras in public places. we put an expression of values in the law and it changed the way the technology was implemented. people who say you can't stop technology, there's nothing you can do, i think that is not a good way to think because we are in control of our values. if we do nothing, then i think that the pri
. as we all witnessed over the last few months here, with the nsa and what has happened to our computers, cell phones, and information being stored, this appears to be another technology that could be abused a bit. i think if we do not have more laws in place there could be some very serious concerns in regards to these unmanned vehicles. guest: ross, i has an individual, understand the concern from a big data standpoint about how data is collected, stored, disseminated and destroyed. that is what you are talking about. this technology, unmanned systems, has a large capacity to make everyone's life better. that is a tremendous upside you have to this technology. the technology is agnostic to the issue you are talking to. it is a different issue when talking about this capability. if you have ever had a situation with fires, floods or natural disasters -- 80% of all firefighters are volunteer. you want to make sure those men and women have the best tools for them to use when they execute the job they are given to do. in many cases, other people's lives are on the line. i understand your c
to change the security issues, the ,overnment spying on everybody the nsa, the nda a, all of the things that are the hot topics right now as far as our civil liberties -- >> on the issue of civil liberties, do you see anybody taking the lead safari? >> rand paul, 100%. he's the only true candidate that is left. his father was robbed of how many states during the election? they changed the rules the night .efore they chose mitt romney there are things that have happened as far as his father. good chance have a at all, i don't think. comment this your evening from pennsylvania. we're keeping keeping our eye on town halls across the country that members are conducting in their district and you will see a lot of them on c-span and c- alabama,o, and here is tweeting he is excited to be alabama with north council of local governments. and also this tweet covered john mccain in tucson this week holding a town hall meeting and here is some of what he had to say. >> my daughter sent manna have to come back with an answer. >> sounds to me like discrimination. work at a hospice and we were effecte
patrick leahy announced today after an audit revealed the nsa violated privacy rules protecting private communications nearly 2800 times in one year. no date was revealed in the article about when the hearings would take place. the republican national committee has approved a resolution to block tv television networks from hosting gop presidential primary debates. chairman's the rnc threat about their plans to air programs about hillary clinton. here is what the non-binding resolution says. resolve that in the -- the vote at the summer meeting in boston was unanimous. later today, the senator will speak to democrats in iowa. she is the keynote speaker at a fund-raiser. she is the first democratic hopeful to visit iowa for a possible 2016 presidential campaign. you can see her comments tonight from iowa live beginning at 7:00 eastern. you can listen on c-span radio or watch online hillary clinton is being honored at this year's event, but she will not be there. in the encore presentation 6 >> she was proud of her husband. she supported all of his decisions. she was a very private person.
is not classified or proprietary. now, a couple of weeks ago, we had the former nsa whistleblower, thomas drake, at a press club lunch, and he said obtainey are seeking to or renew security clearances, and they are investigated, one of the questions they are asked at least some of the times is whether the employee has ever had unauthorized contact with a reporter, not just involving proprietary information but any unauthorized contact. to a lot of us, this is disturbing, because we thought by asking that question in that context, they are sending the message, intentional or not, that speaking to the press off- line is for bitten and could even you a security risk. now, obviously, the bradley manning and edward snowden leaks have raised the temperature on this issue considerably, particularly at the security agencies, and this message was made in a really hard-core way in a june 2012 defense department document about a so- called insider threat program, and it was obtained recently by a news organization, and it isd, quote, leaking tantamount to aiding the enemies of the united states. close quo
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)

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